Design Your Regenerative Life


  • Do you want to align your lifestyle with your values, but feel confused and overwhelmed trying to fit “being eco-friendly” into your life as yet another thing to add to your to-do list?
  • Are you ready to go beyond “sustainable” and “organic” and show up for the most important work of the 21st century: regeneration?
  • Do you want to weave responsible choices seamlessly into your everyday life while improving your heath, your quality of life, and easing that climate change blues?


6-week online course you can do from anywhere, at your own pace

Cost: $199

Coming in Fall 2017

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This course is for you if you…

  are seeking a more conscious lifestyle and want to make ethical choices, but are overwhelmed by having to navigate so many options

  want to be a part of a positive climate change solution

  already recycle, buy local and organic, and have switched your light bulbs, and want to take your environmental responsibility to the next level

  don’t have time to sift through all the research and information, and want someone to give you a clear breakdown of healthy, ethical options

  want optimal health, nutrition and vitality for yourself, your family and your community – and protection from toxins and unnecessary chemicals

  want to start gardening and composting, and want to do it right from the start

  find it hard to stay motivated alone, and need some support and community to help follow through with your choices

  want to eat good food, wear non-toxic clothes, and know that those very things were produced in a way that helps to turn down the heat on climate

  are ready to own your incredible power as a consumer and a citizen to make a difference in the world

 Course Overview

Module 1: From Sustainable to Regenerative
  • getting our terms straight: “regenerative” vs. “sustainable” or “organic”
  • the most hopeful bit of news about climate
  • what’s regenerative for YOU?
  • life assessment: where are the energy leaks, waste streams, and potential resources to be harvested – in your home, in your inner life?
Module 2: Regenerative Ground to Regenerative Consumer
  • regenerative agriculture and carbon farming in layman’s terms
  • finding ethically produced consumer goods
  • understanding labels and certifications
  • finding carbon farms
  • exciting projects and products to follow
Module 3: Regenerative Kitchen and Health
  • the basics of non-toxic eating
  • get to know your (carbon) farmer
  • the connection between healthy soils and nutrient-dense foods
  • how to identify nutrient-dense foods
Module 4: Regenerative Home: Energy, Water and Waste
  • simple, pain-free routines to reduce energy usage, conserve water, and radically reduce the amount of waste and clutter
  • rainwater catchment for everyone
  • regenerative home design
  • create a space that makes you feel recharged
Module 5: Regenerative Gardening
  • carbon farming for urban and suburban folks: climate-friendly gardening and lawn care
  • intro to simple techniques: no-till garden beds, sheet mulching, cover crops, biochar, adding more perennials
  • composting de-mystified
Module 6: Regenerating the World Around Us
  • how regenerative farming and regenerative lifestyles can also regenerate and revitalize our communities and economies
  • introducing Slow Money and regenerative investing
  • inspiring, innovative projects around the world to learn from and engage in
  • staying grounded in unsettling times

This is what you get:

  • Weekly video lecture with slides
  • Worksheets to apply the learning to your own life
  • “Cultivate Habits” challenge and podcast pep talk
  • Weekly webinar/interview with guest expert
  • Downloadable PDF checklists and resource lists

Plus, Bonuses:

  • Lifetime access to the private course Facebook group for help, support, and community
  • Regenerative Recipes (bonus PDF)
  • First 10 people to sign up: private one-on-one coaching call (60 min) on YOUR Regenerative Life with Mari

 All this for $199


“As a graduate of the Permaculture Skills Center in Northern CA, a mother, and a regenerative textile artist, Mari lives out her values daily in very ecological, tangible, accessible, and affordable ways. She is keenly aware of holding both the urgency of the challenges and the opportunity of this moment. This course is sure to bring warmth, energy and heart to this dire planetary emergency – while empowering YOU (and your fellow citizens around the globe) to take action and catalyze a regenerative groundswell in your community.”

  Erin Axelrod, Partner, LIFT Economy

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. You have a giving spirit and the heart of a teacher.”

 Pauline Wray


Who is teaching this course?

Mari Stuart (PhD; Ecological Landscaper; Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher), with guest instructors

What are the logistics, again?

Dates: Fall 2017

Cost: $199

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