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Project Grounded is one of the newest initiatives within an emerging movement of organizations and enterprises dedicated to advancing regenerative farming — the climate solution right beneath our feet.

If you’re quite new to this movement, it may be hard to know where to start. That’s why we compiled this little “Beginner’s Guide to the Regenerative Movement”—a list of cool resources, links, and projects for those of you who want to understand regeneration and the “ecosystem” of regenerative organizations a little better. Bookmark these, go down a few rabbit holes, and tell your friends about the parts of the journey that get you the most excited.

1. get the big picture

This visually stunning video, “Soil Solutions to Climate Change,” is narrated by Michael Pollan and takes only 4 minutes of your time. If soil biology put you to sleep during school biology, this little video will bring it to life for you—and make clear why soil is suddenly such a big deal. It’s available in English, French, Chinese and Finnish at Soil Solutions’ home page.



2. What’s the Definition of Regenerative Agriculture?

Well, there’s a whole website — created by Terra Genesis International — dedicated just to answering that question. And it provides one of the clearest definitions out there.


3. get inspired

Kiss the Ground, the LA-based non-profit, is masterful at inspiring media and storytelling around the incredible potential of soil to resolve some of our biggest problems. Follow them on social media and you can count on inspiration and positive stories coming into your feed. They’re also getting ready to release Kiss the Ground the Book later this year and Kiss the Ground the Film in 2018!


4. learn about regenerative projects around the world

Regeneration International is Project Grounded’s partner organization and one of the best sources of up-to-date news, events listings, and connections if you’re interested in anything related to regenerative agriculture. But we specifically want to highlight the Regeneration Hub, the interactive online platform they initiated with a few other organizations. This tool allows you to search projects, individuals, funders and communities working on regeneration in your region. It’s the first initiative to facilitate a global network of regenerators, and a great way to connect and to learn more.

5. Other initiatives working for the soil-based climate solution

We have no time to waste. Thankfully, a number of excellent initiatives and non-profit organizations are hard at work advocating for soil restoration as a climate solution — whether through policy, research, farmer education, or funding.


6. but regenerative farming is just one part of a bigger project…

…that is, the project known as Drawdown, getting the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to start declining year by year. Check out Project Drawdown and their book, Drawdown, released just this year and outlining the 100 most substantive existing solutions to address climate change.


7. fund a carbon farm (you can do it from your phone)

Now that you know more about what regenerative farming is and why it is key to the future of this planet, you probably want to know how you can support farms that are committed to regenerative practices. Grow Ahead is an online lending and funding program where you can lend directly to small-scale family farmers (mostly in the developing world) who are addressing the challenge of climate change in their communities through regenerative agriculture.

The CarbonToSoil mobile app is an innovative project, developed in Finland, to cool the earth: you can support a regenerative farm from your phone and see the impact of your aid. Through CarbonToSoil,

“consumers get to participate in agriculture where regenerative farming is used to draw carbon from the atmosphere into the soil more efficiently than before. Through the app anyone can support farms to change their agricultural methods to regenerative farming. The app also allows the user to personally participate in food production and to see how food is grown.”

Image: CarbonToSoil

You can find the app in App Store and Google Play using search words carbontosoil and reverse climate.


9. Become a regenerative consumer

Lastly, Project Grounded (that’s us). Our focus is on empowering the ordinary urban/suburban consumer to participate in this exciting adventure of regenerating and restoring our planet and stabilizing the climate. This solution is not just for farmers and soil scientists; even if you live in a rented urban apartment, you have a role to play. We’re committed to making that process as easy and enlivening for you as possible.  We’re still in start-up mode, but are working on something exciting we hope to roll out in early 2018. Subscribe to our list so you don’t miss our news and updates and we’ll send you the free Regenerative Consumer Toolkit!

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  1. Thank you for putting this project together and for dedicating your time and energy here. I’m just beginning my dive into living regeneratively and eager to learn and inspire others! You guys rock!

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