Struggling to find regeneratively produced goods?

shopping list, regenerative goodsRegeneration is still a new frontier. The farms that have transitioned to regenerative growing practices, and the companies and brands that have committed themselves to regenerative supply chains, are a small minority. They are the early and courageous adopters — and so are you, to be even thinking about this!

The available selection of goods that are verifiably produced according to these very high standards of regenerative and climate-beneficial is small. Don’t beat yourself up for not being more successful at finding them!

It’s important to acknowledge that for quite some time, it won’t be possible to become 100% climate-beneficial in our purchasing choices. (Although we’d love for you to prove us wrong!) But it’s all the more important to support the pioneering farms and producers who are going against the grain out of a commitment to make a difference in terms of a livable climate for all of us. Slowly, as more of us express a desire and a demand for climate-beneficial, regeneratively grown food and products, companies and brands will start shifting their practices accordingly. Even if it’s just a few choices per month that you can align more and more with the climate-beneficial economy, do that — and gradually more choices will become available.