Carbon Farm Map

This map shows regenerative farms in the U.S. whose farming practices store carbon in the soil — and therefore slow down climate change — while growing nutritious food.

We’re steadily researching and adding new farms and ranches and are working towards a more user-friendly, searchable map.

If your farm, or a farm that you know, meets the criteria below and is interested in being included, please contact us. Getting listed on the Map is free, and will be a huge service for those consumers who are looking for beyond-organic, regeneratively produced food. A farm can be included if it can demonstrate meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • increase in percentage of soil organic matter (and/or inches of topsoil)
  • improved soil health (structure, water infiltration times, etc.) or ecosystem health
  • an existing Carbon Farm Plan and proof of implementation underway
  • established one or more of the regenerative farming practices listed here