Project Grounded’s mission is to connect climate-conscious consumers and farmers in mutually beneficial networks to quickly and effectively scale up regenerative farming.

We envision a world in which we meet our material needs – food, clothing, shelter, energy – in a way that doesn’t contribute to climate change, but helps to reverse it.


grounded |ˈgroundid|


  1. balanced, sensible, down-to-earth
  2. rooted, established
  3. aware, knowledgeable, present in one’s life
  4. [of carbon] safely stored, or sequestered, in soil
Meet Project Grounded

Mari Stuart (PhD)

is an ecological designer and educator. Mari grew up in Finland and has spent many years traveling, studying and volunteering on five continents, but is now happy to be getting grounded and rooted in Asheville, NC. She holds a PhD from Harvard University, and taught Asian religions and environmental ethics at Reed College and the University of South Carolina before transitioning to ecological design. Mari brings this interdisciplinary background to her work with Project Grounded: teaching and empowering people about ecological and social solutions to climate change, connecting the dots between grounded people and grounded carbon, and designing landscapes that support Life in all its forms.

Sam Gregory

is an ecological farmer, local food advocate, and was the founding farm manager at Spoon Full Farm. Having studied Philosophy and Ecological Design, Sam is motivated to share the belief that environmental engagement through robust and diverse positive experience is an effective way to not only bring more joy into one’s own life, but also to deal with environmental crisis in a practical way. Therefore, Sam is committed to bringing others along on the journey so they can empower themselves and regenerate the planet with their everyday choices.